Saturday, Sept 3rdth 2022

Regal Cinemas LA Live

4pm - Midnight

Pinned (USA)

10:00 PM

Director: Joey Medina

Pinned is a half-hour single camera comedy series chronicling the misadventures of Adam Hunter as he tries to keep his struggling comedy career alive while coaching his hometown’s middle school wrestling team. Success in either endeavor seems wildly improbable, but Adam has more heart than he has common sense and isn’t going to fail for lack of trying.

Think of PINNED as “Eastbound and Down” meets “The Bad News Bears” with a bit of “Cobra Kai” stirred in. It’s an edgy, decidedly non-PC show about rivalry, romance and redemption; about striving for one’s dreams and seeking one’s place in the world. It’s about friendship and family and finding ways of turning failure into teachable moments.

It’s about leadership, teamwork, overcoming adversity and learning self respect. But let’s be serious: This show is really about being funny as hell.



Sept 3rd, Regal Cinemas / L.A. Live