Film Schedule

Tuesday December 14th
6 PM to Midnight

The Story Of a Mother (Italy)

6:00 PM
Official Selection

Director Alessandro De Vivo, Ivano Di Natale

Some of the most dazzling animation we have seen this year has been in the special effects in this film, a fable about a mother fighting death for the life of her child. A fantasy short with images that leave an impression. At Passwords Gallery.

World Premiere

Director's Cut (U.S.A.)

6:15 PM
Official Selection

Director Elana Mugdan

We bet that you will fall in love with this movie about recently graduated Cassie (played perfectly by Hallie York, who really steals this movie) and her comedic struggle to make a film. They say "write what you know", and in this case the writer/director certainly did; Director's Cut" was created by 20-year-old Elana Mugdan in 2009 with just over $20,000, raised by Mugdan (who has now begun her own production company) and her family. At Passwords Gallery.

World Premiere

Caroline – den sidste rejse (Denmark)

8:00 PM
Official Selection

Director Henrik Kolind

This ambitious film attempts a modern retelling of the story of Caroline Mathilda, King Christian 7th of Denmark and Johann Struensee during the years 1769-1772. We follow Caroline on her journey home from exile and her love affair with the Johan who eventually gains power. The disclosure of their love affair lead his fall and Caroline's exile and death. Christine Hermansen who plays Caroline will be in attendance. At Passwords Gallery.

North American Premiere

My Country is Tibet (India)

9:10 PM
Official Selection

Director Namgyal Wanchuk Trichen Lhagyari, King of Tibet

A documentary by the decendent of the exiled Kings of Tibet, about his coronation by the Dalai Lama and on his life and struggles, that frame this intriguing look at this exiled king, tibeten culture and its history. At Passwords Gallery.


We Were The Vanquished (U.S.A.)

9:45 PM
Official Selection

Director Joshua Samson

An oral retelling by Pieter Gerard Vanderhooft about his experiences as a member of the Dutch Resistance fighting the Nazis during World War II, turned into dramatic reenactments that give rare insight into his personal experiences and struggles and the things he and his Dutch countrymen had had to endure. At Passwords Gallery.

World Premiere

Hours Before (U.S.A.)

Shorts Program 10:20 PM
Official Selection

Director Joel David Moore

Joel David Moore follows up his feature film Spiral (2009) with this short that evokes memories of the Columbine tragedy. Two friends meet and one unveils plans to go on a murderous rampage. The acting and pacing are quite good in this mini—thriller. At Passwords Gallery.

Futility (Australia)

Shorts Program 10:20 PM
Official Selection

Director Wayne Bradford

Amazingly shot jungle warfare sequences help define this tale of a World War II meeting between two soldiers on opposite sides, who have more in common then not. At Passwords Gallery.

North American Premiere


Shorts Program 10:20 PM
Best Student Film

Winner Best Student Film

Director Daniel Wolf

One of those student films where you simply cannot believe that its not a professional work. Spot on acting, editing and camera work help tell the tale of Jim Stone (played by Scott Lynch-Giddings) a passionate classical music disc jockey at a radio station that is reformatting to play only pop music. With his job eliminated he takes out his aggression on his family. A highly entertaining short film. At Passwords Gallery.

World Premiere

Skate of Mind (Israel)

11:00 PM
Official Selection

Director Karin Kainer

A documentary that lists a writer credit and has a story that is such a perfect cinematic arc, makes us wonder how much of this documentary is real life and how much is scripted (if any), but the portrayal of Mohammed Kahil, an Arab Israeli skater is so true to life, if that is acting, then they have fooled me. This skate film from Israel does not end up capturing too many great skateboarding shots, but it does show us the skateboarding culture (which ends up looking very familiar to Southern California residents), and the relationship between the young and selfish Mohammed and the devoted Alina Fine, an Israeli Jew, and the burden living in a country at war has on their relationship. At Passwords Gallery.

North American Premiere

Dream Sequence (U.S.A.)

11:45 PM
Best Animation

Winner Best Animation

Director Sam Lubicz

Artist Sam Lubicz creates a surreal world of beats, sounds, and surrealistic fantasy shapes & landscapes in his amazing animated film. At Passwords Gallery.

World Premiere



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